CDC Supporting California Clubs and DCCs with Free Websites

Tech-IT Working HardThe California Democratic Council (CDC) has rededicated itself to its Sponsored Website Project. This project was initiated in 2007 as a way to provide a communications benefit to California Democratic Central Committees as well as California Chartered Democratic Clubs.

After its re-organization in 2013, the CDC moved to strengthen its sponsored websites with stronger support and maintenance procedures in addition to increased security processes for each active website. This included a move of ALL sponsored websites to new servers with stronger malware protection and additional training of the Content Managers. The current websites utilize the latest version of the WordPress (WP) Content Management System (CMS) which is the most popular and widespread website creation and management system in the world.

Currently the CDC sponsors over 70 active California Democratic Central Committee and Club websites which represent several thousand Democratic Activists in California. Future plans call for attracting an additional 100 Democratic organizations to join the Affiliated group.


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    • Richard Kolibar on August 27, 2017 at 3:57 pm
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    i am the on the board of Tustin Democratic Club, we are interested in having a website hosted with you on your free website service.
    Can someone help my with the process.

    Ric Kolinar

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