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CDP Caucuses and Caucus Chairs

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  • African-American Caucus
    The African-American Caucus concerns include educational and economic opportunities and preservation of the gains in those areas made as a result of civil rights activism. The caucus plays an active role in encouraging African-American participation in the Democratic Party through voter registration, voter education and voter turnout. The caucus also has worked for fair representation of African-Americans at all levels.

    Chair: Theodore “Ted” Smith III
    (626) 858-9121
    Email: teddy3©

  • Arab-American Caucus
    The Arab-American Caucus has been working to change American attitudes, showing another side of the Israeli-Palestinian issue, and, since the peace agreement, to introduce Arab-Americans into the Democratic Party.

    Chair: Edward Tawil
    Contact Info Pending

  • Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus
    Recent concerns of the Asian/Pacific Islander Caucus are immigration and citizenship issues, including the proposed California Civil Rights Initiative and its possible threat to civil rights. Caucus contacts with elected officials has stressed the need for economic development as a path toward a culture of self-determination. The caucus maintains contact with constituent groups and has an active voter registration program.

    Chair: Julie D. Soo
    Contact Info Pending

  • Business and Professional Caucus
    “Democrats mean business.” That’s a motto of the Business and Professional Caucus that is open to any Democrat. The primary goal of the Business and Professional Caucus is positive change in support of the current and future needs of California business and professions. The caucus credo: “With regard to business and economic development, the thing that set us apart from other political parties are that Democrats have a social conscience, a belief that things can be better, and that it is people who make the difference, both by their involvement and their hands on action. We think of companies not just as a pile of capital, but as a group of people. We believe in a market economy where labor unions continue to be important to ensure fairness in the global market, and to protect the environment, which is not incompatible with business success.” This caucus has expanded beyond the DSCC to organize affiliated Democratic Business and Professional clubs in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco with additional groups in the formation stages. We want to “Do Something” about California’s economic and industrial policies.

    Chair: Renee Westa-Lusk

  • California Democratic Council
    The California Democratic Council (CDC) is a chartered organization of the California Democratic Party. Founded in 1953, CDC is the nation’s largest Democratic grassroots organization representing more than 400 Democratic clubs and county central committees. CDC strives to ensure there is an active Democratic presence in all local areas of the State. CDC endorses and campaigns for Democratic candidates for local, state and federal office. CDC vigorously debates and advocates for public policy issues. CDC provides training opportunities to build local Democratic organizations and to develop candidates for public office. CDC uses technology to communicate with and strengthen grassroots organizations. CDC officers serve on the Democratic State Central Committee and the president is a member of the Executive Board.

    Chris Stampolis
    8124 W. 3rd Street #207
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (408) 390-4748
    Email: CalifDems©

  • Chicano/Latino Caucus
    Issues that affect the lives of California’s large Hispanic population are the concern of the Chicano/Latino population, works to increase educational, economic and social opportunities while preserving the cultural heritage of the state’s minority populations. The caucus works to increase Chicano/ Latino voter registration, participation and representation within Democratic Party.

    Chair: Mickie Solorio Luna
    (831) 673-2009
    Email: vmluna©

  • Children’s Caucus
    The Children’s Caucus seeks to protect the rights of children throughout the state.

    Chair: Doris Wallace
    (818) 858-1051
    Email: dwall17881©

  • College Democrats
    The California College Democrats is a caucus of the Young Democrats. The mission of the College Democrats is to ensure that campuses across California have Democratic Clubs in order to activate college students in Democratic causes.

  • Computer and Internet Caucus
    The Computer and Internet Caucus was formed to harness the power of the Internet and communication technology in the furtherance of Democratic ideals, issues, and legislation, to assist Democratic Clubs and Assembly Districts, and to help elect Democratic candidates. The internet has become an important and integral part of the election process. The political activist considers the internet a vital component in political information gathering and dissemination. The Computer and Internet Caucus represents these internet-involved political members of the Democratic Party and strives to bring Internet education to all Democrats.

    Chair: Brigette Hunley

  • Disabilities Caucus
    Democrats have the benefit of a Disabilities Caucus to help make all Democratic meetings accessible to people with disabilities. Since disabled delegates also include those with communication impairment, the Disabilities Caucus has encouraged the party to use alternative communication such as the signing available for those who have difficulty hearing. Because of the Democratic tradition of expanding opportunities, the Disabilities Caucus is embarking on a program to register people with disabilities to vote and encourage them to vote Democratic.

    Chair: Election Pending

  • Environmental Caucus
    Traditional Democrats’ support for environmental protection is bolstered by the expertise of members of the Environmental Caucus, which help the Party to develop positions on issues. Involved in a broad spectrum of environmental issues, caucus members share their knowledge based on their own specialized expertise. The product of the caucus’ efforts is seen in parks development, endangered species protection, coastal protection against offshore oil drilling, preservation of ancient redwood forests, and opposition to the Bush Administration’s wholesale dismantling of our hard-earned environmental protections.

    Chair: Luke Breit
    (916) 446.7638
    Email: chair©

  • Filipino-American Caucus
    Filipino-Americans share their concerns for civil rights and the economic, educational and social needs of the Filipino-American and other minority groups. The caucus support recognition for the contribution of Filipino-Americans and in turn encourage Filipino-Americans to participate in the election process and the Democratic Party.

    Chair: Election Pending

    • Irish-American Caucus
      Chair: Election Pending


  • Labor Caucus
    Open to Democrats who are union members, the Labor Caucus concentrates on representing the labor point of view within the party. Labor law reform is an ongoing goal. A current concern is protecting workers’ rights, including the important collective bargaining rights which are jeopardized by Republican efforts to diminish them. Labor is taking a careful look at affirmative action challenges and monitoring the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its effect on American workers.

    Chair: Jim Gordon c/o CWA, District 9

  • Lesbian and Gay Caucus
    Lesbians and Gays, through this caucus, work within the Democratic Party to obtain support in their efforts to counter discrimination that affects their rights to economic and social equality. The affirmative action policies of the Democratic Party demonstrate the Party’s commitment to respecting the rights of all Democrats to representation with the party.

    Chair: Paul Hogan
    (415) 378-2558
    Email: paul©

  • Native American Caucus
    The CDP Native American Caucus was formed to reach out and bring into the structure of the Democratic Party interested registered Democrats who support the goals and objectives of inclusion, political education, voter training, outreach, legislative tracking, research and participation in the official Democratic Party for all people and with particular concentration in reaching to include the Native American communities of California in the furtherance of Democratic ideals, issues, and political participation. Further, the Native American Caucus will work to increase educational, economic and social opportunities while preserving cultural heritage of the state’s minority populations. To obtain these goals, the Caucus members will provide assistance in introducing and joining together members of local Democratic Clubs, Assembly Districts and County Committees with interested individuals and groups from the California Indian Nations and coordinate with the local Native American communities both on and off reservations for the purpose of active participation, without discrimination, within the California Democratic Party and in accordance with the rules of the State party.

    Chair: Helen L. Doherty
    Contact Info Pending

  • Rural Caucus
    The CDP Rural Caucus has worked to improve the success of both Democratic candidates and activists in the less populated areas of California. The Rural Caucus has worked recently on strategies for attracting candidates to the rural areas and the need for the California Democratic Party to consider geographical barriers that make it difficult for delegates to attend state and Assembly District meetings.

    Chair: Jamie Beutler
    Contact Info Pending

  • Senior Caucus
    Improving the social welfare and making a better way of life for senior citizens, the Senior Caucus encourages members to be aware of pending legislation that affects them and to communicate their concerns to their elected federal and state officials. Continuing concerns are Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Diverse points of view deriving from ethnic, demographic and occupational backgrounds are represented on the Senior Caucus. The caucus is open to Democrats of all ages.

    Chair: Lori Geittmann
    Contact Info Pending

  • Veterans’ Caucus
    Chair: Bob Handy
    Contact Info Pending
  • Women’s Caucus
    The Womens Caucus works to improve the welfare of women throughout our State. To ensure fair employment, access to government, access to freedom of choice, and equality of opportunities and education.

    Chair: Lyn Shaw Hilfenhaus
    (818) 767-6683
    Email: slynshaw©