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WhistlingDonkey1This site is all about getting you, the CDP Computer & Internet Caucus member INVOLVED in:

  • Helping get out our strong Democratic and Progressive message to the voters of California;

  • Getting and keeping our activists enthusiastic and committed;

  • Keeping our audience updated on issues which affect Democratic computer and internet users in California;

  • Responding with the weapon of truth to the constant right wing barrage of lies, innuendo, sophistry and perversion;

The ONLY way our great American society continues with Liberty and Justice for EVERYONE is with an engaged, committed and passionate group of decent people proudly carrying the banners of Truth, Justice and the American Dream for all to see.

democracyOur Democracy has been described as two wolves and a very well armed sheep sitting at a table discussing what is for dinner.

We are Proud, Patriotic, American Democrats and we must never give up and never surrender to the forces of wealth, privilege and authoritarian rule.