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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

The CDP Internet Caucus was formed to harness the power of the internet and communication technology to further Democratic ideals, issues, and legislation; to assist Democratic Clubs and Assembly Districts; and to elect Democratic candidates.

The CDP Internet Caucus Goals

  • To educate and train California Democrats to access online services, tools, resources.
  • To establish and maintain a California Democratic Party online community where software programs, information, and e-mail messages can be shared and accessed.
  • To encourage California Democrats to get online.
  • To assist Democratic state senators and assembly members in establishing e-mail addresses and utilize this tool in communicating with their constituents.
  • To facilitate effective organizing of the Democratic online community,
    especially prior to elections.
  • To schedule and organize effective Democratic conferencing for caucus membership.
  • To maintain an ongoing relationship with the State Party and the online community.
  • To establish contacts with the offices of elected Democrats in Sacramento and Washington.